Welcome to my Website!

This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: My tumblr. It's where I keep a collection of stuff.

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Thankfully I know how to do that already. Though I gotta ask... whatever happened to the b tag? and the i tag? Less typing, y'know?

I had a hand coded geocities-like page/site back in the early oughts. I had HTML for Dummies checked out from the library for a while. Then I replaced that with bookmarked pages on the net.

Of course, I found neocities via tumblr. Not directly, though.

I never had a geocities page. Weird.

To be honest, I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do with this page. I should look at the index page code from my original wyomingnot.com site. The doc is around here somewhere...

I never forgot how to insert pics because I do that on ao3 and dw/lj.

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